Posted by Dan bradley

At Bullzerk, we’ve always said that honesty is the best policy—and we have the T-shirts to prove it. We let our tees do the talking (some may call it trash-talking, we call it truth) with quotable phrases and graphics about the city we all know and love.

Sending a message without saying a word is our specialty. After all, we’re not afraid to say what everyone is already thinking—and we print that shit in bold-faced type.

The mayor around here is Preston aka the printer, (we’ll spare his last name so you don’t all go creep on his Facebook) and while you won’t find him at Dallas City Hall, you will find him printing all the limited-edition shirts and tanks that fill the shelves offering vocal fans of Big D plenty of big options. 

And, who doesn’t know someone who should be wearing a shirt that reads, “Forget Tinder. I Have The Katy Trail” or the latest must-have for every sports lover, “We Have Real Balls.” All retailing for $23, it’s a small price to pay for sending a loud-and-clear message.

The tongue-in-cheek, quirky-clever text blocks never stop coming around here. But it’s all in good fun. As we always say, speak softly and carry a big shirt.

Of course, if you’re not into getting noticed by wearing your thoughts on your sleeve, the shop has of other options, including koozies, coasters, and signature art depicting Dallas landmarks. “Call to Action Candles” are now available, too, because we all need to light a candle for the little things in life like “The Dog Smells” and “My Neighbor Smokes Dope.”

Stop by the lower Greenville shop and holler at us. We definitely have some words for you.

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