Posted by Jennifer Bradley

Let’s cut to the chase. School is starting back up and this could be your year. You know how it won’t be your year? Letting your Mom take you to Kohl’s for your back-to-school necessities. Bullzerk has everything you need to make the cool kids wish they were on your level. Get your shirts, notebooks, magnets, sunglasses, coasters, koozies and more from our exclusive line of DFW products.

Koozie protection: Protection is always best

Whether your cold drinks are alcoholic or “non-alcoholic," they need to be protected in this blazing fire of a summer. Science actually shows that unprotected drinks are the leading cause of drunken belligerence. Look it up.

Prove your D-town loyalty by getting a Bullzerk koozie to match your Bullzerk shirt. If you’re on a budget, come snag our 1 buck koozies leftover from St. Patty’s Day on Greenville (you know you’ll need them for next year.)

Wall posters: Don’t be that Weirdo with White Walls

But also don’t be that weirdo with cat posters hanging in your college dorm room. (Jk, cat posters in a dorm room is pretty badass.)

If you happen to go to a great school in a terrible state, make sure everyone knows your roots with one of our posters. We sell custom designs that show off Dallas landmarks such as our #1 voted best skyline, the giant eyeball downtown, local neighborhoods and iconic hot spots like Truck Yard and Granada Theater. If you have the privilege of attending a college in Texas, it’s just as important to show your pride. Along with our art and posters, you can also get any Bullzerk T-shirt design on a print framed on your wall.


T-shirts: Don’t Be Like “Tyler” in a Button-down

We all have a Tyler in our lives. Somewhere in Tyler’s childhood, he was put in button-downs and missed out on what being a kid truly means. Now the poor guy is stuck in fratville and has moved “up” to Columbia fishing shirts and gingham. Help a brother out. Buy him a T-shirt and let him feel the perfect mix of freedom and comfort. 

For our sports fans, we recommend our 4-in-1 Dallas sports tee that says “This is my Cowboys & Rangers & Mavs & Stars shirt.” Guarantee you’ll get your money’s worth out of that one. If you want something even more local, choose from designs like “Forget Tinder, I have the Katy Trail” and “I lived on Greenville before it was cool.”

Pint Glasses So You Can Easily Locate Your Drink

Nothing’s more basic than red solo cups at a party. Give your drink the limelight it deserves with one of our Dallas pint glasses. Our boldfaced type will make it impossible to lose your drink. If you choose to use our glasses to accompany your long hours of studying, make sure to also grab some of our cork or tile coasters to protect your Ikea desk.


Stickers for Your Laptop to Attract Your Future Mate

The only thing that brings people together faster than common interests is a common love for Dallas. Or as one of our designs plainly states, “Dallas: It’s what everyone in Dallas is talking about.” Bedazzle your laptop with Dallas stickers to show potential soul mates that you would love to have a conversation about Texas. Because seriously, what else is there to talk about?


Popularity and status await you at 1909 Greenville Avenue.