Posted by Jennifer Bradley

Coloring books aren’t just for kids anymore.

Bullzerk is excited to release “Color Me Dallas”, a 24-page coloring book filled with awesome drawings of favorite Dallas establishments. There are a ton of reasons that this book could come in handy, but here are our top four:

You’re an employer looking for a unique morale booster

Any boss can give their employees free food or a card at Christmas. But what they really need is a 10-minute break in the day to de-stress from work with a little bit of coloring. These black-and-white pages will give workers the creativity boost they need to do their jobs well. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to have a little cube art to brighten up the office. Stick a few copies in your lobby as well to show guests your appreciation for local art.

You want an activity the whole family can enjoy together

If you can’t handle coloring one more Disney Princess or My Little Pony, you’re in luck. “Color Me Dallas” is actually intended for adults, but kids love it, too. You will have a lot more appreciation for the images in this book whereas your kids will primarily see lines that need to be colored outside of. This is also a great opportunity to educate your kids on the important sights of our esteemed city.

You’re looking for a low-cost date idea that will make your girl swoon

Let’s be real. Dating is expensive. Dating in Dallas is even more expensive. Take it back to the basics and give your significant other what money can’t buy – quality time. Heck, get creative and color in the pages you plan to go to on your date – Klyde Warren Park, White Rock Lake, Lower Greenville – it’s all in there. Anyone who says romance is dead hasn’t tried coloring.

Emergency kit for Dallas power outages

If you’ve ever lived in Dallas during winter, you know that the cold weather brings unexpected blackouts that can last anywhere from 3 minutes to 3 days. Most importantly - no Internet or television. What can you even do when it’s zero degrees and Netflix is down?! Color. Stock up on these books now for when you’ll need them the most.

Starting today, you can buy “Color Me Dallas” on our website or in-store for $9.99.