Posted by Jennifer Bradley

“They bleed red, so we wear red.” 

Our latest Bullzerk T-shirt honors all the men and women fighting for our country. If you buy any shirt at our store, make it this one.

The mission of Red Friday is to show support for everyone that serves our country in the military. By wearing RED on Fridays, you are Remembering Everyone Deployed. Simple enough.

If your office participates in “casual Fridays”, next time choose to wear a shirt that means something. Come by our store or order online now: 


If you’re looking for more ways to support our troops, take a look at Soldiers Angels. Their motto is “May No Soldier Go Unloved” and they offer just about every way imaginable to get involved with veterans, wounded, deployed, and their families. You can sign up to donate money, write letters, bake treats, visit hospitals, adopt soldiers’ families around the holidays, and send soldiers Christmas gifts. 

10% of the profits of our Red Friday shirts will go to Soldiers Angels.