Posted by Dan bradley

There’s only one “America’s team.” 

Being a football fan in Dallas is an emotional roller coaster that never ends. Through thick and thin, we stick by them boys.

Stop paying $40 for the same cliché T-shirt from the same overpriced stadium store and buy a shirt from Bullzerk that no one else has. In addition to our customer favorite Dallas sports tee, we are releasing three brand new designs for football season. These shirts represent the key reasons you're watching football on Sundays:

1. For the love of the game (and beer)

Whether you’re a diehard football fan or a T-shirt fan climbing on the bandwagon, you can relate to this. Football games are a time of fellowship gathered around the world’s best sport with the king of beers. And as far as touchdowns go, nothing beats your quarterback coming through with the clutch.

2. Key players

We're not just talkin' football players here. Key players also include football legends turned head coaches and outspoken, flamboyant team owners that we all know and love. Rep everyone’s favorite football personality at your next watch party.

3. Sideline entertainment

We all know the guy who goes to football games just to watch the halftime show. Don’t be surprised if his focus is on the sidelines during the most important plays. Buy him this shirt so that everyone knows his true motives.

Stop by 1909 Greenville Ave to be the first to own the new shirts. One of the worst things you can do is show up to the tailgate in the same exact shirt everyone else is wearing. Our designs are only sold at Bullzerk, so dare to be different this game day.