• Bullzerk Sells Kids T-shirts Now

    Posted by Jennifer Bradley

    For all our parents who have been asking for Bullzerk tees in kids' sizes: the wait is over. 

    Bullzerk now sells Dallas and Texas T-shirt designs in 2T-12T sizes. And in case you were unaware, we also sell baby tees for newborns to 18 months.

    Don't make your kids wear collared shirts and button-ups - kids belong in T-shirts. Our job is to make sure they look good, which is why we choose high-quality shirts and print custom designs. So bring in the whole fam and get matching T-shirts to wear around Dallas - it will make an awesome selfie.

    Bullzerk Kids T-shirts

    Shop our kids' designs online or stop by the store to try on in person.

    Bullzerk is a local gift shop specializing in custom Dallas and Texas T-shirts, apparel, accessories and decor. Find us in Dallas on Lower Greenville and in the Dallas Farmer's Market downtown. ​Follow us on social media @thatsbullzerk to keep up with our latest designs.

  • Bullzerk Pop-up Shop is Back at Truck Yard

    Posted by Jennifer Bradley

    Bullzerk at Truck Yard

    It has officially hit 90 degrees in Dallas which means summer is here. So which patio will you choose this weekend to sweat it out with a cold beer? 

    Starting this Saturday, Bullzerk will have a pop-up shop right in front of Truck Yard so you don't have to walk the extra 100 yards to our Greenville store. (You're welcome.) We'll be selling our best T-shirts, tanks, hats, koozies and sunglasses - not to mention our exclusive line of Truck Yard tees and tanks. So trade your button-up for a good looking T-shirt and grab a koozie for your Shiner on your way into the yard.  


    Truck Yard T-shirts | Bullzerk


    ​You can find the Bullzerk pop-up in front of Truck Yard on Lower Greenville Saturdays from 2-8 and Sundays from 12-5 all summer. 

  • Party with Bullzerk at the Dallas Farmer's Market Grand Opening

    Posted by Jennifer Bradley

    Come party with Bullzerk at the official grand opening of the Market this Friday May 6th at the Dallas Farmer's Market! There will be incredible food, live music and amazing Dallas T-shirts and tanks being sold out of an Airstream trailer. What more reason do you need?

    Dallas Farmer's Market Grand Opening | Bullzerk

    Bullzerk is a one-of-a-kind local gift shop specializing in custom Dallas and Texas T-shirts, apparel, accessories and decor. Find us in Dallas on Lower Greenville and in the Dallas Farmer's Market downtown. 

  • 5 Stereotypes You’ll See While People Watching at the State Fair of Texas

    Posted by Jennifer Bradley

    The State Fair of Texas is a local staple that isn’t to be messed with. There are a lot of attractions that bring people to this annual event, but one you won’t see advertised is the prime people watching. Here are some of the likely suspects you’ll see when you go…

     1. The Good ol’ Country Boy

    Where to find them: by the livestock

    You don’t typically see many cowboys in downtown Dallas, but they sure come from all over Texas for the State Fair. You can classify them by their cowboy boots and distinctive Southern drawl. They’re usually drawn to the livestock section due to its abundance of cattle, sheep, goats and chickens. The country folk tend to be more pleasant than some of the other fair folk.

    2. The One Who Doesn’t Care About Calories

    Where to find them: literally everywhere

    This year Big Tex has #blessed us with an exclusive menu of eight delicacies to vote on as the best tasting and most creative foods at the fair this fall. Two of the most talked about contestants are the Chicken Fried Lobster with Champagne Gravy and the highly anticipated Smoky Bacon Margarita. The true foodies at the fair will try all eight Big Tex finalists, ideally in one sitting to really be able to judge fairly. If you’re into more traditional deep fried goodness, all your favorites will be back. The bliss on people’s faces as they enjoy funnel cakes and Fletcher’s corny dogs is still unmatched.


    3. The Extreme Gamers

    Where to find them: along the Midway

    You know the type - they come to the fair for one reason and one reason only: total domination. At the end of the day, it’s all about winning enough points to take home the giant stuffed gorilla. You’ll find these characters glued to the game booths racking up tickets and saying RIP to the competition. Once they’ve knocked down all the milk cans, they’ll ride the Top o’ Texas Tower to look down and bask in all their glory.


    4. The Out of Towners

    Where to find them: walking extra slow, videoing everything they see on their phones (not to be confused with Local Teenage Girls)

    Every year, people come from all over the country to witness the wonder of the State Fair of Texas. The ones that aren’t from these parts are easy to spot – just look for the ones poring over the visitor’s guide and asking people for directions. They’re also likely candidates to buy a bunch of souvenirs to take back home with them.


    5. The one who’s had a little too much to drink

    Where to find them: getting kicked out of the beer or wine garden

    The State Fair of Texas keeps it classy with both a beer garden and wine garden on the fairgrounds. Unfortunately, there’s always that one person who takes it a little too far and ruins a good thing. These people are easily pinpointed by their loud talking levels and difficulty walking in a straight line. It’s recommended to observe these folks from afar and not get too close.

    A trip to the fair isn’t complete without stopping by Bullzerk to pick out the perfect shirt to wear and to have a keepsake to remember your experience forever. Come in and choose from one of the shirts above or from the line of Texas products we keep in store.

  • You Didn’t Actually Go to Dallas If You Don’t Have a Sweet T-Shirt to Prove It

    Posted by Jennifer Bradley

    T-shirt souvenirs are a must for any trip you take. How else will people know how cultured you are if you can’t proudly display it on your chest? Unfortunately, gift shops tend to be pretty tacky and all their clothes look the same. Bullzerk is the only shop in Dallas with unique T-shirt designs that mix humor with local pride. You’ll find shirts that represent the state of Texas, the cities that define it, and the local neighborhoods of Dallas. And we don’t stop at shirts – come by our store for posters, koozies, pint glasses, coasters, notebooks, magnets, cards and much more.

    If you plan to visit Dallas this fall, make sure to add these to your checklist:

    The State Fair of Texas

    There’s really nothing that compares to the State Fair of Texas. “Everything’s bigger in Texas” applies to every aspect of this debauchery that runs from September 25 - October 18. Whether you go with the chicken fried lobster or deep-fried diet coke, we guarantee it will be an unforgettable experience. Treasure it forever with our one of our exclusive Texas State Fair T-shirts.

    College Football

    You haven’t seen college football until you’ve seen college football in Texas. The SMU Mustangs may not be in any Top 25 polls this year (or any year), but we still claim them. Dallas is also home to the annual Red River rivalry game between the University of Texas and the University of Oklahoma, which brings thousands of people in town every October. This year we hope to see projected top dogs TCU and Baylor make us proud…stay tuned.

    Live Music

    Austin isn’t the only city in Texas with live music. That being said, if you’re headed to Austin City Limits in October, that’s the perfect time to stop in Dallas to grab some souvenirs from Bullzerk. But Dallas has its own iconic venues like House of Blues and The Bomb Factory that bring music artists from all over the world year-round. Our top-selling T-shirt that lists Texas music legends is a must-have.

    There’s always something to do in D-town, and we have T-shirts to reflect it all.

    Whether you’re coming for a long weekend or you’re just here for a 24-hour layover at DFW or Love Field, drop in at the best tourism shop in Dallas.