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    What's cooler than bein' cool?


    The Met Gala may be the biggest fashion event of the year, but Anna Wintour isn't the only one behind celebrity fashion trends. Bullzerk is known for owning street style in Dallas, but what you may not know is many celebs have joined the Bullzerk fan club as well. Here are some of our favorite celebrities who have been spotted wearing Bullzerk because you know what they say....celebs, they're just like us.


    André 3000

    Andre 3000 | Bullzerk

    Bullzerk first reached celeb status when OutKast's André 3000 and pal Janelle Monae stopped by the store soon after opening. Since then, Andre has been caught by the paparazzi rockin' his Bullzerk tees. 


    Andy Grammer

    Andy Grammer | Bullzerk

    2015 was a big year for Andy Grammer. His hit single went multi-platinum, he made prime time by competing on Dancing with the Stars every Monday, and most importantly, he discovered the best T-shirt shop in Dallas.


    Sean and Catherine Lowe

    Sean and Catherine Lowe | Bullzerk

    As every Dallasite would agree, Sean and Catherine are the best couple to ever come out of ABC's Bachelor franchise. Their mutual love of staying in and eating cheap pizza every night are all of our #relationshipgoals. Soon Baby Lowe will be the first celeb to show off our high-fashion baby line. 


    Sam Hunt

    Sam Hunt | Bullzerk

    The Ryan Gosling of country music recently performed while wearing his favorite Bullzerk snapback. Lesson learned? If you want girls all over you, copy Sam Hunt's style.


    Chris Young

    Chris Young | Bullzerk hat

    Chris Young is best known for his award-winning country music career that came after being declared the winner of reality television show Nashville Star back in 2006. What you may not know is that Chris is also a huge Bullzerk fan, which is apparent if you follow him on Instagram or Snapchat.


    Find everything above and much more at www.bullzerk.com.


    Bullzerk is a one-of-a-kind local gift shop specializing in custom Dallas and Texas T-shirts, apparel, accessories and decor. Follow us on social media @thatsbullzerk to keep up with our latest designs.

  • OMG What Do I Get My Squad for Christmas?!

    Posted by Jennifer Bradley

    December is a good month. Some Texans get excited about flannels, boots and white chocolate mochas, while others just welcome the temporary break from the blazing heat. In the midst of all the excitement, there’s always one panicked question: what the h*#% do I get my friends and family this year???

    That’s where we come in.


    Don’t be basic

    Does your sister/girlfriend/roommate really need another scarf for Christmas? Probably not. There’s only one Bullzerk, so you’re guaranteed exclusive gifts that you won’t see anywhere else. Everything in the store is custom designed with love, so you won’t find anything generic here.


    Whether the people on your gift list are partial to Dallas or Texas, we have unique apparel, housewares and decor to satisfy your shopping needs.


    Put some thought into it

    Buy your sports-loving guys tickets to see their favorite team if you really want to win them over. Then spruce it up with one of our tees, koozies or pint glasses to add some finishing touches. We have a wide range of gifts for any kind of budget, with prices starting at a buck.

     dallas cowboys mavs and stars fan dallas cowboys mavs stars mug

    And it doesn’t stop at T-shirts and mugs. We have witty notebooks for the writers in your life, hilarious books for the readers, posters and paintings for the artsy, and Dallas themed coloring books that both adults and kids can bond over.


    At the end of the day, Texas always slays

    There’s no pride like Texas pride. Anyone living in Texas will appreciate a gift branded with their beloved state or the best city in the world (Dallas, duh).


    If you can’t decide between the cornucopia of Dallas humor at Bullzerk, just get a gift card. Then, pair it with a cheap magnet or coaster set to make it more fun. (P.S. the smaller gifts also make great stocking stuffers.)

    Stop by the best gift shop in Dallas or get your online orders in on our brand new website to get a jump-start on Christmas shopping. And don’t forget to follow us on social media to stay updated on the new designs we release every week!

  • The Only Dallas Football Merch You Need This Season

    Posted by Dan bradley

    There’s only one “America’s team.” 

    Being a football fan in Dallas is an emotional roller coaster that never ends. Through thick and thin, we stick by them boys.

    Stop paying $40 for the same cliché T-shirt from the same overpriced stadium store and buy a shirt from Bullzerk that no one else has. In addition to our customer favorite Dallas sports tee, we are releasing three brand new designs for football season. These shirts represent the key reasons you're watching football on Sundays:

    1. For the love of the game (and beer)

    Whether you’re a diehard football fan or a T-shirt fan climbing on the bandwagon, you can relate to this. Football games are a time of fellowship gathered around the world’s best sport with the king of beers. And as far as touchdowns go, nothing beats your quarterback coming through with the clutch.

    2. Key players

    We're not just talkin' football players here. Key players also include football legends turned head coaches and outspoken, flamboyant team owners that we all know and love. Rep everyone’s favorite football personality at your next watch party.

    3. Sideline entertainment

    We all know the guy who goes to football games just to watch the halftime show. Don’t be surprised if his focus is on the sidelines during the most important plays. Buy him this shirt so that everyone knows his true motives.

    Stop by 1909 Greenville Ave to be the first to own the new shirts. One of the worst things you can do is show up to the tailgate in the same exact shirt everyone else is wearing. Our designs are only sold at Bullzerk, so dare to be different this game day.

  • “Color Me Dallas” is the Stress-Free Entertainment You’ve Been Waiting For

    Posted by Jennifer Bradley

    Coloring books aren’t just for kids anymore.

    Bullzerk is excited to release “Color Me Dallas”, a 24-page coloring book filled with awesome drawings of favorite Dallas establishments. There are a ton of reasons that this book could come in handy, but here are our top four:

    You’re an employer looking for a unique morale booster

    Any boss can give their employees free food or a card at Christmas. But what they really need is a 10-minute break in the day to de-stress from work with a little bit of coloring. These black-and-white pages will give workers the creativity boost they need to do their jobs well. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to have a little cube art to brighten up the office. Stick a few copies in your lobby as well to show guests your appreciation for local art.

    You want an activity the whole family can enjoy together

    If you can’t handle coloring one more Disney Princess or My Little Pony, you’re in luck. “Color Me Dallas” is actually intended for adults, but kids love it, too. You will have a lot more appreciation for the images in this book whereas your kids will primarily see lines that need to be colored outside of. This is also a great opportunity to educate your kids on the important sights of our esteemed city.

    You’re looking for a low-cost date idea that will make your girl swoon

    Let’s be real. Dating is expensive. Dating in Dallas is even more expensive. Take it back to the basics and give your significant other what money can’t buy – quality time. Heck, get creative and color in the pages you plan to go to on your date – Klyde Warren Park, White Rock Lake, Lower Greenville – it’s all in there. Anyone who says romance is dead hasn’t tried coloring.

    Emergency kit for Dallas power outages

    If you’ve ever lived in Dallas during winter, you know that the cold weather brings unexpected blackouts that can last anywhere from 3 minutes to 3 days. Most importantly - no Internet or television. What can you even do when it’s zero degrees and Netflix is down?! Color. Stock up on these books now for when you’ll need them the most.

    Starting today, you can buy “Color Me Dallas” on our website or in-store for $9.99.